When time was still young and the first forms arose, they were already there: bones to carry and protect all that lives in their dance on Earth. When all the bones had their destiny, there was one bone left over. Because it was the last, it got a thread to the large Barrel of Possibilities. So the little bone could choose what it wanted to be. It wanted to be in the air. So it joined the bones of the flying creatures, all the way in front to cleave the air. When the life forms came into use, the human life form discovered the special power of this bone with its thread to the Barrel of Possibilities. There is an old English habit. You hook your little finger to one leg of the bone and another to the other leg. Then you pull and the bone breaks. The one who has the greatest part, may make a wish. Eventhough it is a small bone with a small fork, be careful what you wish. The Barrel of Possibilities is big, but the Barrel of the Consequences is many times bigger!